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Brief into to Frescos NFT

Frescos is a collection of 999 1/1 pieces hand drawn on Procreate

They were later animated and bridged to Augmented Reality through the app ARTIVIVE, available on iOS/ Android. Each NFT comes to life simply by pointing the camera of your device to the painting.

Real life Utility

The NFT space is seen by the majority as a PFP with no real life utility. There is a great lack of projects with real life utility in the NFT space so we decided to focus on that, given our strong background in more traditional businesses such as the travel industry and e commerce.

For us, it is essential for someone outside the crypto space to understand the real life benefits of holding an NFT collection such as this one. This is the only way we could move this space forward and actually create change.


Holders of Frescos will essentially be part of a private club which will give them access to discounts/ upgrades and more for all our partnered properties and businesses, according to the deal we were able to do with each.

We are currently focusing on hotels and villas however we are open to discussion about including more businesses, especially if the owners of the businesses are holders of Frescos.


During the past two weeks we announced our partnerships with

CARDANO BOUTIQUE HOTEL GINEBRA located in Barcelona, Spain.

This property is located in the heart of Barcelona’s city centre. The hotel looks out onto Plaça de Catalunya, the central square with fountains of Barcelona, that is surrounded by up-scale boutiques, restaurants and cafés. The ultimate location within walking distance of many of Barcelona’s most important sights.

This hotel was the first business ever to formally accept Cardano as a payment.

We are pleased to work with Alfred Moesker, a real innovator and the owner of the Cardano Hotel Ginebra whose stake pool we chose to support due to the amazing charity work it does.

Check it out here : Cardano Hotel Ginebra

CARDANO HOTEL MIKA VILLAS located in Crete, Greece

This property belongs to the founder and artist of Frescos Collection.

Mika Villas was also recently announced as one the first businesses to formally accept Cardano and join this movement.

Check it out here : Mika Villas Crete

Last but definitely not least we are happy to partner up with

CACTUS HOTELS Chain located in Crete, Greece

Cactus Hotels is a chain of properties situated on the North East coast of Crete.

5 different properties are included in the Cactus Hotels portfolio. These are:

We are very excited about this partnership with this amazing chain of hotels.

For more info you can check : Cactus Hotels

E Commerce

At this part of this article we would like to explain how our e commerce store started to take form.

We have been silently building the e commerce store which will differ greatly from what people are used to seeing up to this point in the NFT space.

The majority of collections in the NFT space, create merchandise focused on their holders however we will not be taking the same direction.

We are building an e commerce store that will target a mass audience so we can turn FRESCOS in to a recognisable brand — not an NFT collection with merchandise.

Products we have been testing for now include the following.

Accessories- Phone Cases, Masks, Lap Top Sleeves

Clothing- T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants, Sneakers, Swimsuits, Flip Flops,

Bags- Backpacks, Gym Bags, Totes & More.

We are still in the process of testing the products and will be releasing everything according to season. 

At the beginning we will be focusing on footwear such as sneakers and flip flops.

What about Frescos Holder benefits?


To be clear, a percentage % of the profits will be distributed to holders of Frescos.

No exact numbers have been discussed yet about this. The exact percentages will be discussed at a later point as there are several things to consider until we get to that, from running costs and marketing to taxation.

We are considering launching the store as soon as possible so that our presale holders will already start benefiting for coming aboard early and believing in us from the start.

This store will also help fund further marketing efforts for further growth.


As we are coming closer to the Presale Giveaway Raffle, we wanted to give you some info on how that will work.

We will check the #NUMBERS of the Frescos that were sold during the presale and then start the raffle.

1 winner will win a $4000 Holiday Stay Voucher to our partnered property, the seafront Kimona Villa, which can host up to 21 People.

The voucher is redeemable at any time, of course its subject to availability which is updated 24/7

Check it out here : Kouvohori Villas Crete


The discord verification is underway, we are working on getting it implemented as soon as possible so that the people with the OG role will automatically lose it if we can not locate the Fresco in their wallet.

The way this works is by checking every X amount of time that the NFT is located in the specified wallet of our discord member.


We are still not set for the public sale however we decided that it would be better to start running everything prior to that, instead of giving percentage targets of what we will do after 20–30–50–90 % is sold out. We were able to start building without utilising the funding from the sales of the NFTs so we went for it and it seems we will stick with this approach.


Minos Chrysakis ( Coozoolo)

For more you can join our channels :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/frescosNFT

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/frescos.io/

Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/frescosofficial/

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