NFTs & Real Life Use Cases

General info

999 1/1 Hand Drawn Digital Paintings minted as NFTs

Frescos NFTs are the first ever products launched by Bita Labs.

They were individually hand drawn by the founder, Minos and will always hold a special place in all the ecosystem we build.

Holders already enjoy discounts from our travel agency and will continue to do so in every product built by Bita Labs.

Rarities were originally not assigned to any paintings as they are of NO importance since Frescos are all 1/1s.

Long after selling out, the Frescos community analysed the traits and in collaboration with Bita Labs we decided to add them for easier filtering.

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Bitbeds is a licensed business that offers the Best Available Rates to holders of Frescos NFTs.

Other affiliated NFT projects will be also be added as Tier 2 to provide similar utility to more Web3 communities.

Additionally, BitBeds will accept payments from several tokens of our choice.

Our Travel Agency was launched in November 2022. The offices are located in Greece and we have access to over 1 million travel properties worldwide.

This includes Hotels, Villas, Bnbs & more. Only 4000 have been announced so far.

The rest will be available in real time along with car rentals, cruises, flights & experiences once our travel app is launched.

Our goal with this is to disrupt the travel market and create a travel app that utilises Web3 technology to offer discounted stays to holders of affiliated NFT Projects with Frescos NFTs leading the charge.

This app was supposed to be released in Q2 2023 and has already been developed and tested but will be combined with the hotel & flightt travel app so it is all presented under the Bitbeds umbrella.

Everyone will be able to sign up as a host and start offering their property.

Hosts will get paid in FIAT while guests will have the chance to choose any payment method they see fit wether that is FIAT or any of the Crypto Tokens we accept.

Actions within our ecosystem will reward users with a point system

Examples; Referrals for sign ups, Bookings, App Downloads, Reviews & more, Content, entering raffles & more.

These points will only be available for use within our ecosystem or even redeemed for Bitcoin.


Bita Hubs is a pilot program that is planned to run from November 2023 to April 2024 in the 4* hotel Mika Villas & Suites.

The property is booked off by us so no outsiders will be able to enter the premises without permission.

All holders of Frescos will enjoy discounts on their stays and will be automatically approved and prioritised to join.

The availability is limited to the number of rooms available.

The standard booking window will be set to 1 month unless an arrangement is made for shorter stays.

More info soon.

Bita Hubs will be hosted in the 4 Stars Mika Villas & Suites in the island of Crete, Greece

Since there are several types of rooms, suites & villas in the property, each will have its own pricing.

We will update the rates on a dedicated website for Bita Hubs when it is ready to launch.